This work was funded by the Grant N00014-21-1-2296 (Fatima Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative) of the Office of Naval Research, administered by the Marine Meteorology and Space Program.

Journal Publications


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Kit, E., Barami, E., and Fernando, H.J.S., Structure functions in nocturnal atmospheric boundary layer turbulence, Physical Review Fluids,

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C-FOG Publications

C-FOG Publications

Relevant Collaborator Publications

Taylor, P. A., Chen, Z., Cheng, L., Afsharian, S., Weng, W., Isaac, G. A., Bullock, T. W., and Chen, Y.: Surface deposition of marine fog and its treatment in the WRF model, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 14687–14702, 2021

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