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About Us

The Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is a part of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics (EFD) Group at University of Notre Dame. Our research is dedicated to the understanding and modeling of dispersion and transport phenomena in the atmosphere, oceans and industrial situations.

Our Mission

We develop and apply fundamental knowledge and novel tools to describe atmospheric, oceanic, limnologic, riverine, flow and transport, their driving mechanisms, and their relationships to our global and local environment. We are especially interested in tracking problems that can do greater good to our communities, in parallel with the Catholic character of the University of Notre Dame and we strive to build research infrastructure to enhance Environmental Fluid Mechanics research at Notre Dame.

Areas of Interest

Fundamental concepts of fluid dynamics including turbulent flows, experimental methods, oceanography, atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, air pollution, alternative energy sources, acoustics, heat transfer and hydraulics and fluids engineering.

Our Activities

  • We work on a wide range of problems with environmental implications
  • We host a cadre of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research faculty, and short- and long-term academic visitors.
  • We maintain world-class research facilities for physical, field and numerical experimentation at the Fitzpatrick and Cushing Halls of Engineering, with physical laboratories located in Fitzpatrick A59 and B28.
  • We host an Environmental Fluid Dynamics Seminar Series to bring in preeminent researchers to Notre Dame Campus for short visits on behalf of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group The aim is to exchange ideas and spark collaborations. We promote teaching of a variety of specialized courses at Notre Dame and elsewhere.
  • We seek opportunities for large-scale international experimentation that has led to projects such as MATERHORN, ASIRI, ASIRI-RAWI, CASPER, Perdigão and C-FOG, MISO-BOB, SWEX and IFFExO.  We play a leadership role in these projects, either as Principal Investigator or Co- Principal Investigator.
  • We host or help host National and International Meetings of impact to promote Environmental Fluid Mechanics

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