Vaisala DigiCORA© Tethersonde System TT12

Tethersonde System

The Vaisala DigiCORA Tethersonde System TT12 provides the research meteorologist with atmospheric boundary layer profile capability. Up to six Tethersondes can be attached at various heights along the tetherline up to altitudes of 3 kilometers. It accurately measures PTU (pressure, temperature, and humidity) and wind speed/direction. 

TTB Series Tethered Balloon

The TTB Series Tethered Balloon is used to provide lift for the TTS111 Tethersonde. Tethered Balloon automatically compensates for changes in external pressure during normal ascent It maintains its aerodynamic shape and presents a low drag coefficient at any rated altitude and wind load.

Vaisala TT12 Tethersonde

Vaisala Tethersondes are specially designed for atmospheric boundary layer measurements, and accurately measure PTU (pressure, temperature, and humidity) and wind speed / direction. The sensor modules are sealed, consumable components that can be discarded after their usable lifetime and replaced with a fresh module. Wind speed is measured with a patented three-cup anemometer and a light-chopper tachometer. The anemometer is very sensitive and has a very low starting speed. The Tethersonde's aerodynamic wind vanes and a small digital compass are used to measure wind direction.

Vaisala TTW111 Winch

The TTW111 Winch by Vaisala is a component of the TT12 DigiCORA Tethersonde System. It provides the means to control the ascent and descent of a tethered balloon with up to six Tethersondes, Ozonesondes, and other sensors attached. The TTW1111 is designed to operate in a temperature range from 0℃ to 50℃ in a non-condensing atmosphere; it is designed to be weather resistant but not weather-proof.